Open Letter

Welcome and thanks for stopping by! Hopefully you’ll enjoy yourself, and find my virtual world easy to navigate. The website has been up for two decades. It has gone through many evolutions. I welcome all of your comments, suggestions, and e-mail.
As a motion picture Production Sound Mixer for over 30 years, I've mixed on locations as exotic and peaceful as the island of Eleuthera in the Bahamas, the Archipelago de San Blas off the coast of Panama. I have also recorded in Antarctica, India, Russia, and urban noisy areas such as Los Angeles, New York, Nashville, Portland, Seattle, & Atlanta.
But it wasn't until I found myself recording sound in an extremely windy & dusty gypsum mine in the New Mexico desert that I re-invented a way to record on- location. This "re-invention" saves both production & post-production time and money. From that day on, my Jeep Grand Cherokee became a mobile sound machine. Not only is it quiet, weatherproof and dust free, it also makes my mobility immediate and trouble free.... Ever since then I've recorded a majority of my films out of the ‘Sound Jeep’, which is also rigged to do limited ADR & Voice Overs on location. Both Producers and Directors love this set up. The Editors say the sound is as good as any studio in Hollywood.
So give me a call @ (505) 699-0359 and let's have fun making a great movie!


Bayard Carey, C.A.S.
Production Sound Mixer